Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry at Hilltop Baptist Church is designed for women to reach women of all ages. We strive to show them that they are uniquely gifted by God. Our mission is to encourage and equip each woman to use her gifts for the Lord and seek to be the virtuous woman that God has called her to be in Proverbs 31.


~ Vickie Gray, Women’s Ministry Leader




This method of Bible Study takes you directly to the text so you can discover its life-changing truth for yourself. The Precept Inductive Study Method uses a straightforward investigative approach to the open Bible and build the context for each statement it contains. The fundamental principle
of inductive Bible study is to study the text of Scripture first and refer to the work of others second. In this approach, individual time spent observing Scripture to know what the Bible says and using sound principles of interpretation to understand what it means, should culminate in personal application.